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Were Having A Honeymoon In The Magnet School Popular

Cincinnati - this is the time of year, as parents, magnet school tents in some public schools in Cincinnati in an effort to ensure that their children receive the best education.
In the past few years, there has been a line of German language school Fairfield Clifton outside the tent.

For the next two weeks, some parents will camp out through the rain, cold, possibly even through the snow to secure a kindergarten spot for their child.

Some of these parents have planned for this since before their children were born. Some use vacation days or tag team with a spouse. Others will ask grandparents to stand in for them while they go to work.

For many, it's the last option to get into the highly-praised and highly-ranked school. CPS handles enrollment by giving the first kindergarten spots at magnet schools to magnet preschool students.

Next, siblings of students already enrolled get priority.

Then, 30 percent of the remaining positions are chosen by lottery, but only families living near low-performing schools qualify.

Finally, the last 35 spots go to those who've lined up in time.

WLWT News 5’s Kristy Davis will have more on this story later

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