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Wake Extended Magnet School Application Deadline

If you intend to apply for many magnet schools a tail county public schools system, you have more time to make your decision.

The deadline, which was originally Feb. 5, has now been extended to 10 p.m., Feb. 9.

"Wake County Schools officials decided to give parents a few extra days due to some technical difficulties that occurred when the application period began last week," according to a press release.

Some tips about the process, pulled from Wake schools' website:

Families may apply anytime during the application period. Applications are not first come, first served.
Parents may select up to five magnet schools and rank them in their order of preference.
If a student is selected for a magnet school, they will be assigned to that school.
If a student is not selected for their first choice, even if they are selected for a second or third choice, they will be assigned to the wait list for their first choice school. Notification of selection or assignment to the wait list will be available Feb. 19.
Wake's website has more information about the application process and details about the more than 40 schools in the magnet system. Wake also extended its magnet application period in

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