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Through The MRI Machine Magnetic Difficult Fatal Accidents Of Oil Tankers

On interstate 81 south of Middleton town side, the dawn of the scraping the metal sound.

The removal of a large truck, the implantation of a medical clinic side, all night.

"We have a milk truck, came to the interstate highway north, it is turning in the construction side of Cumberland County," said PIO, John bruetsch at the scene.

Crews were called to Jennifer Court across from the Carlisle Regional Medical Center around 11 p.m.

The tanker, which was hauling milk, was driven by 61-year-old David Shew of Chambersburg. Shew died at the scene. On social media he was described as a "great man who loved his family and work."

The affected building is affiliated with Carlisle Regional Medical Center .

They expressed this in a statement; "We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of the gentleman who lost his life in this accident." "We are in the process of assessing the damage. Clinics at this location are assisting patients who were scheduled to be seen today and working to facilitate alternative sites for their care."

One obstacle crews had to overcome was an active MRI machine inside of the building. The magnet inside of MRI machines have a pull of at least 20,000 times that of the earth's magnetic force. The tanker itself was attached to it, along with a firefighters axe.

"This could have been a lot worse. As bad as it is right now, if this would have been daylight, the building would have been full of people," added Bruetsch, "Most likely would have been a few people in the MRI, potentially a person on the table."

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