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Thousands Of Students Compete For Seats In The Magnet School

Mali Lanzhou Towson, thousands of students in Baltimore County trying to land in an area popular magnet school programs of the seats, but it is a very competitive process.
More than 6000 of the students are in the race for 2000 slot, how much time to apply for. The students in less than a month to make their best course trying to enter school, their interest and scholars.

A good number of the students at Towson High School were admitted based on their grades and their academic interest, such as in the law program.

"The reason that I personally got into Towson was because I am actually interested in law. I was interested in law in middle school, and I thought that it was very good preparation for college," said Elia Franco, a Towson student.

Students will be the first to say: The hard part is not only getting in, but staying in until graduation.

"In middle school, you had to like, have proper grades -- As, barely any Bs -- if you wanted to get in here. You had to work on your SAT prep skills, you had to write an essay," said Taurjhai Purdie, a Towson student.

Baltimore County magnet school programs, from elementary to high school, are competitive, and for good reason.

"The programs are designed to meet the interest, talents and abilities of students in Baltimore County and to provide rigorous programming that helps them to be successful when they are in school," said Bryan Stoll, supervisor of magnet programs.

When they graduate, organizers said, these are not magnet schools just in name but in experience, as well.

"This has been a great success for me. Towson High School has really set me up for a lot of opportunities. Last year with mock trials, and there have been so many opportunities I have been given that I am really thankful for," said Zach Caplan, a Towson student.

But landing a seat in one of the magnet school programs goes beyond what students are required to put on paper.

"Basically, I had to believe in myself that I could do it and I was determined to be in the law program, and it was all about determination," said Taylor Crawford, a Towson student.

Students get to apply almost a year in advance, and even then there are no

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