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The Main Application Of Magnetic Spike

Clark county school district has more than 18000 students to apply to the magnet school program next fall, nearly more than 2000 applied last year, officials say.

The application deadline, which ended Tuesday, had been pushed to February as district officials worked out an evolving transportation plan for those students accepted to magnet programs.

Clark County schools currently offer 21,185 seats in magnet and career and technical programs, a number that will increase by a fourth under the upcoming two-year expansion, adding 5,000 seats. The new programs will focus on a range of subjects, including performing arts, finance and information technology, geology, engineering and math. The district will also expand the Swiss-based International Baccalaureate program, an academically intense program, into more schools.

With the expansion, transportation costs are rising, too. To counter those costs, officials introduced a controversial zoning plan that largely restricts busing to only those students choosing to attend the closest campus offering their desired magnet program.

Magnet schools — with the exception of career and technical schools — have until now provided busing to all students no matter where they live in the valley. Students still can apply to any program at any school, but they would have to provide their own transportation if they live outside the school’s zone.

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