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The Magnet And The NASA Glen Research Announced Akron / Guangdong Road Show To Help Manufa

Ohio Akron, magnet and NASA Glen research announced Akron / Guangdong road show to help manufacturers solve technical problems.

NASA's Glen research center will be provided to manufacturers in the Akron / Guangzhou area with new or existing products to solve technical challenges, or with their manufacturing operations.

The Roadshow is part of a federally funded, three-year experimental program developed to comply with a White House directive that NASA and other federal agencies accelerate their technology transfer activities. They're expected to do it by making the benefits of research and development investments available to private enterprises. The partner in this area is Magnet, the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network.

"This is a unique opportunity for manufacturers to access the brainpower, research capabilities and resources of NASA," said Daniel Berry, Magnet's president in a written statement. "Magnet and NASA have already completed similar 'Road Show' projects in Cleveland, Youngstown and Toledo and have helped a number of companies solve the complex problems and technical challenges they were facing."

Interested manufacturers need to complete and submit a project application by Dec. 5.

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