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The End Of The 1 Magnet Programs After His Appeal

Appeal from the headmaster to urge the Houston school district officials to reduce magnet program to determine the number next to close three and a number from 17 to eight of the trial.

The Houston independent school district began to crack down on magnet school last year, efforts to improve the quality and ensure that they are from outside the vicinity of the extra money enough good students. However, the region has approved the suspension of some schools, they are making progress.

The only program now on the chopping block is Scarborough High's architecture specialty, which drew few students. The school, however, will continue to receive extra funding for its network and computer administration program.

Ross Elementary won its appeal and will keep its magnet status and the extra money for its science, technology, engineering and math program. However, the north Houston school will remain on probation for failing to meet the state's academic standards.

Long Academy will continue its middle school magnet program, meant to prepare students for its high school pharmacy academy.

Magnet schools, in addition to carrying the coveted label of "magnet," receive extra funding from the district, and students who transfer in receive free transportation.

Two of the district's most popular magnet schools - Roberts Elementary near Rice University and Twain Elementary in the Braeswood Place neighborhood - lost their appeals to get off probation.

Enrollment at both schools exceeds the building capacity, according to the district. Both campuses enroll more than 120 students from outside their attendance zones, but the numbers fall short of the 20 percent set by HISD policy.

The district has 101 magnet programs in good standing after eliminating 18, including Scarborough's architecture

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