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The Allied Car Line: Annual Report Forty-seventh -- Magnetic State Of Texas For Tenth Cons

Chicago, the annual survey in December 30, 2014 / PRNewswire / -- Texas ride again to 2014 allied van lines of magnetic state report - mark the highest for ten years, the national leading horns.

Texas maintained top status as Most Inbound State on Allied's report, which uses internal data to track U.S. migration patterns.  Texas' net relocation gain of 1,973 families in 2014 is calculated by the difference between inbound moves and outbound moves performed by Allied Van Lines, one of the world's largest moving companies.

Texas has also demonstrated strong population growth (adding 1.3 million new residents since April 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau) and has increased non-government jobs by 12 percent since 2007, according to the American Enterprise Institute.

Florida had a strong showing as the next most magnetic state with 1,751 moves, well above its 2013 net gain of 1,115 moves.

Rounding out the top five magnet states in 2014 are Arizona (no. 3), South Carolina (no. 4) and Colorado (no. 5).

Biggest Movers in 2014

California maintained its status as Most Mobile State, with more than 14,000 moves conducted by Allied Van Lines that featured California as its departure or destination state.  With a jump to the positive side of the list, California earned a spot on the inbound state list, coming in 15th, after being the 7th outbound state in 2013.  Other big movers included Washington, moving from the 19th outbound to 6th inbound.

"Other than a few big changes, most states remained relatively stable," said Lesli Bertoli, general manager and vice president of Allied Van Lines. "While we've seen an increase in the number of moves overall, trends demonstrate a heavy movement toward warm-weather, retirement-friendly states."

The states with the biggest drops in magnet status include Minnesota, moving from 22nd most outbound to 11th outbound, and both Arkansas and Delaware, which each dropped eight positions. 

"This year marked a significant increase in the number of moves for Allied, up more than 8 percent over last year," said Bertoli.   "With more than 73,000 moves in North America, this is the largest number of moves for Allied since the start of the recession in 2008."

Outbound States

This year's survey shuffles the deck of the top five outbound states again, as the same states have claimed that position since 2010.  Illinois claims the title as the top outbound state (1,372 net outbound moves), followed by Pennsylvania (1,127 net outbound moves). New York (847 net outbound moves) and Michigan (846 net outbound moves) were almost tied in 3rd and 4th position, and New Jersey took the 5th most outbound title with 744 net outbound moves.

Canadians on the Move

Canadian province British Columbia again tops the list of Magnet Provinces, and Ontario experienced the largest net loss of moves, making it the number one outbound province.

About Allied Van Lines

Established in 1928, Allied Van Lines, with more than 400 agent locations in North America, is an experienced leader in household goods moving and specialized transportation services. Voted as America's Most Recommended Moving Company for 2015 by Women's Choice Awards, Allied is one of the world's largest moving companies and one of the established global brands of SIRVA, Inc., a leader in providing relocation services to corporations, consumers and governments around the world. For more information about Allied Van Lines, visit Allied Van Lines, Inc., U.S. DOT No. 076235.

About SIRVA, Inc.

SIRVA, Inc. is a leading provider of relocation solutions to a well-established and diverse customer base around the world. The Company handles all aspects of relocation, including home purchase and home sale services, household goods moving, mortgage services, and home closing and settlement services. SIRVA conducts more than 300,000 relocations per year, transferring corporate and government employees in addition to individual consumers. SIRVA's well-recognized brands include Allied, Allied International, Allied Pickfords, DJK Residential, Global, northAmerican, northAmerican International, SIRVA Mortgage, SIRVA Move Management, SIRVA Relocation and SIRVA Settlement. More information about SIRVA can be found on the Company's Web site at

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