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Students Of University Life Magnet Based Decision Procedure

Richland County, SC (wltx) - has some advanced learning occurs in the magnet program at ridge / view high school.
Jennifer McCloud is a director of Health Sciences magnet. She says, students can choose through exploring the three scheme of different types of scholars, including the College of Health Sciences, Academy of Sciences scholar biohealth.

"Our class sizes are smaller. They also get to do labs and experiments that college students are doing. Their first lab their junior year is typically one done as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in college", said McCloud-Card.

Schyler Horton is a senior in the Scholars Academy at Ridgeview High School.

"This year is definitely by far the hardest load that I've had but it's been worth it because I'm learning the time management skills you wouldn't have learned taking so many courses", said Horton.

Zain Smith is apart of the Biohealth Sciences. He says that learning about health has helped him make decisions towards his career plans.

"This has really helped me because it helped me learn body functions and everything so that I can go deeper in clothing than most people who would make clothes," said Smith.

Khalid Salah is taking health and humanity -based courses through the program.

"I decided it would be good to just join both of them since we are going to be taking a lot of the same classes and it would open me to a different prospective of the world", said Salah.

And that's putting him far ahead in the future.

"I have currently 20 credits and by the end of this year, with the classes that I am taking. I should be a second semester sophomore in college", said Salah.

To learn more about the magnet programs, go to the Richland 2 Magnet Program Center

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