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Smart Speaker "MOKIBOX" Will Begin An Activity Kickstater

Luton, United Kingdom. MOKISOUND, electronic tools manufacturer, now has launched a project called New Speaker "MOKIBOX" of. MOKIBOX is a portable speaker has the ability to connect to other devices via Wi-Fi. Speakers can be called Internet speakers, because it can be connected to a cloud storage platform and downloadable audio files.

MOKIBOX is going to start a campaign on Kickstarter in early November. It is a project raising money for a new piece of technology that can change the way we listen to music forever. The creators have supplied all the resources to make this product possible, now they just need the funding for growth.

Nowadays, seventy seven percent of people regularly listen to music or radio and say it enhances their mood, feelings and even health.  This can all be enhanced further if we just make our music more portable, more accessible than ever before. MOKIBOX is world’s first portable Wi-Fi speaker at present, which connects with external devices via Wi-Fi. Experts of the field confirm that the use of Wi-Fi signals for connectivity would improve the transmission speed and distance. In addition, the MOKIBOX equipped with NdFeB horn to achieve top quality stereo that would assist users in listening incredible full-range music.

MOKIBOX allows users to play the music even when a mobile or handset is not physically connected with it. They only need to use same Wi-Fi for both their mobile and MOKIBOX. Under Wi-Fi coverage, the speaker can play audio via DLNA and Airplay. Additionally, the speaker is compatible with all kinds of devices such as mobile phones, iPad and others.

So this progressive concept is hitting KickStarter soon and it will be fascinating to see how this new technology is accepted amongst peers. With so much success and positive feedback so far, the creators look to expand his reach, but it will have to be through collaborative efforts. More features will be revealed on Kickstarter in early November. The campaign offers “MOKIBOX” products to their funders. This will be a campaign worth to

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