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School Magnetic In Huntsville's Fair High Turnout

Huntsville, Alabama, Huntsville city schools (whnt) magnetic Exhibition - seven magnet programs exhibit Li Gaozhong Saturday.

Students mingled with faculty, saw presentations and live performances from various programs, and were able to fill out applications to the programs on-site.

Magnet schools within Huntsville City Schools provide specialized learning opportunities for students with interests from the arts to foreign language.

Ambition filled the room as students explored what magnets have to offer.

“I think this school will be a little more tough,” reflected Atlantis Bennett as she and her mother looked around at the displays.

For many parents, this was a day to learn as much as possible to figure out where their children may fit.

“It’s a great opportunity to ask the questions and get the right information to help them make the right decisions,” said Erich Brukner, whose son Nicholas was trying to choose between two magnet programs.

Being accepted into a magnet program may involve switching schools. Parents we spoke with decided the twist on a typical education would be worth the extra effort.

“[Yes] to get the discipline needed to foster that creativity as she continues to grow on her own,” said Adrena Bennett about her daughter Atlantis’ desire to attend AAA (Academy for Academics and Arts) magnet, “and also use it to grow professionally and academically as well.”

The room was so full it was hard to move through it at times.

The turnout was a welcome surprise for administrators, especially Director of Magnet Programs Tammy Summerville.

“I’m just so, so excited,” she said.

That turnout may lead to more applications than there are spaces in certain programs, though.

“That will be something the district will have to talk about,” she said.

If you want to submit an application to join a magnet program, the school system will accept them until February 10th.

You can either go to to complete the application online, or visit,call the Huntsville City Schools Office of Magnet Programs at 256-428-6864, or email for more information.

These magnet schools are open to students across the

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