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Roque Dyer Magnetic Science In The International Robot Contest Third Technical Contact The School

Conyers - Science and technology of robot team in international competition third Rockdale magnet school.
##On Jan. 16, the RMSST robotics team traveled to Cambridge, Mass., to take part in the Zero Robotics Finals at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Not only did the team travel to New England for the competition, but their programming codes took a galactic journey to the International Space Station as the codes ran on autonomous robots at the ISS.
##The competition, which was the culminating event for Zero Robotics, consisted of different teams gathering to watch autonomous robots operate in the weightless environment of space.
##The RMSST robotics team, named the Ohms, joined forces with NullPointerException from Ambler, Pa., and O.L.E. from Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain. The Ohms met NullPointerException for the first time at the competition, while O.L.E. joined them virtually as they were in the Netherlands at the European hosted finals. Prior to the Zero Robotics Finals, the three teams communicated via Skype and sharing files. Together, the Ohms, NullPointerException and O.L.E. placed third in the worldwide competition.
##The Ohms took initiative in participating in the Zero Robotics Finals, with students putting in a good portion of the work behind the competition.
##“It was terrific, the team has been doing a wonderful job of making this a self-motivated competition,” said RMSST AP Physics Teacher and Robotics Team sponsor David Bonar. He continued, “the team is the one who chose to do this — it was really student-led.”
##In addition to teaming up with their comrades from another state and from across the Atlantic, the Ohms had the chance to meet renowned NASA astronaut Cady

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