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The Faculty of Arts and the Northeast Austen department is a nationally recognized the top schools, for the Austen school district is a point of pride. Now like to provide an opportunity in Lhasa South Austen school, not a conversation on the other side of the city a long commute students, American politician recently reported.

Joe Espinosa: Why no mention of the original Liberal Arts academy at Johnston High School. There was a time when the district did support two academies. The magnet model Austin uses is valuable. At Johnston magnet teachers also taught non magnet students.

Kayleigh Nichols: I graduated from LASA a while back. Interesting school, even from the inside. I think AISD needs to start focusing more on making “normal” high schools better. A kid shouldn’t have to apply to a magnet school to get even half of the same opportunities.

Bonnie O’Donnell Hauser: Just imagine the possibilities if all AISD schools enrolled only highly motivated students with highly involved parents! Every teacher I know is passionate about their subjects and cares deeply for students including the students who did not choose to be there.

Alex Friedman: Two important pieces: One, I hope that, if it is made, it will receive the broad support that LASA lacks. You may write, Statesman, that LASA is a point of pride for AISD, but that doesn’t help the general feeling within our student body that we’re a target for unfair criticism and scrutiny by the district. Two, it had better not force LASA teachers to move. There is no guarantee that the LASA model will work everywhere and if you dilute the passionate and wonderful teachers we have, you risk ruining a program that works for the sake of a program that doesn’t. I like the idea, just be careful.

Philip Lupercio: There was the old arts magnet at Johnston. But I wouldn’t want to separate LASA into science v. arts as students are then unable to realize the best of both worlds under one roof. That has immense value.

Sally Baulch: Instead of a clone, let South Austin come up with concepts that strengthen neighborhood schools. … Special programs can be a part of a comprehensive school. Diversity will make us stronger and

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