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Research And Markets: Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market 2013-2020 Motor Type, Magnet, P

Dublin -- (Business Wire) -- the research and the market ( announced the "global market in permanent magnet motor (motor, magnet, power range, the application and the geographic size), company profile, segmentation and prediction, 2013 - 2020", they provide report.

The Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market is to register a CAGR of 11.7% during the forecast period 2014 - 2020. The global demand for rare earth (RE) magnet materials, in 2012, accounted for 21% of all rare earth materials available. Presently, the permanent magnet AC and DC motors are increasingly used in factory automation applications such as robotics and material handling, amongst the others. The increasing use of permanent magnets, owing to its unique properties, subsequently, should supplement the growth of the permanent magnet motor market.

In 2012, the increasing demand of permanent magnet motors across diverse sectors, led to disruption in its supply chain, further resulting in the scarcity of RE permanent magnets. This scarcity of RE permanent magnets adversely affected the permanent magnet motors market. Presently, stability in the supply of RE permanent magnets has led the market to recover its losses and regain its stability. China being the leading manufacturer of Permanent Magnet (PM) motors, owing to the country's natural abundance in rare earth materials, generates significant revenue from the exports of permanent magnets.

Reduced field excitation losses resulting in increased performance of the motor leads to low energy consumption in operation of PM motors. Additionally, high power density, reliable performance, electric stability & durability along with simplified construction help in increasing its efficiency. Therefore, these motors are largely used in factory automations and other machinery tools since many years. With the advent of robots for material handling, and the requirement of high precision work with minimal errors, would help the PM motors market to grow exponentially over the years. PM motors are largely used in chip conveyors, elevators, oil reservoirs, coolant pumps, photocopy machines, etc. The rising demand of such applications is eventually increasing the demand of PM motors in numerous industries.

The improved efficiency of PM motors and their integration in automobiles and electric cars, dynamically supplement the growth of the permanent magnet motors market, globally. The market is witnessing an increasing demand for permanent magnets from the countries with abundant resources of rare earth materials. China dominates the global market for rare earth magnets as it is the leading permanent magnet manufacturing country. China, comparatively manufactures PM motors at a lower cost as compared to other countries. The factors mentioned above would subsequently increase the manufacturing rate of PM motors and boost the market growth in future.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Chapter 3 Market Overview

Chapter 4 Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market By Motor Type

Chapter 5 Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market By Magnet Type

Chapter 6 Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market By Power Range

Chapter 7 Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market By Applications

Chapter 8 Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market By Geography

Chapter 9 Company Profiles

Allied Motion Technologies, Inc:
Ametek Inc.
Autotrol Corporation
Baldor Electric Company, Inc.
Danaher Corporation
Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd.
Rockwell Automation, Inc
Toshiba Corporation
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