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Regent 2 Set Date For The Annual Selection Of Fair Magnet Program

Richland County, SC 2 will be the year the choice of justice magnet program at Westwood high school in December 2nd at 6:30 p.m..
The family was invited to understand many magnet schools in the district. A representative from each program will be in the hands of.
In September, the approval of the board of directors, extend, modify and supplement of the magnet program.

Academy of Language Immersion at Polo Road Elementary School: The Academy of Language Immersion (ALI) at Polo Road Elementary School will provide students the opportunity to begin second language acquisition at the elementary level and effectively acquire language in a meaningful social context.

Center for Achievement Expansion: The sixth-grade expansion of Center For Achievement (CFI) will provide a continuum of success for students who have not been successful in a traditional classroom setting. Students would maintain gains via a small learning environment and ease the transitions to middle school.

FAME Program Expansion at Dent Middle School: Opening the FAME application to students not zoned to Dent will allow all district students an opportunity to apply for entrance and provide a better K–12 feeder system for students with an interest and aptitude in the Fine Arts areas of study.

The Elementary Learning Collaborative at Forest Lake Elementary School:The Elementary Learning Collaborative (eLc) at Forest Lake Elementary School is designed to maximize the potential of students to maintain academic momentum. Students will participate in enrichment and acceleration in English Language Arts/Social Studies (Humanities) and Math/Science (STEM-G). Academic acceleration, integration of subject matter, critical thinking skills, research and leadership training will be incorporated through the use of inquiry/project-based instruction.

iMeda Program at Richland Northeast High School: iMedia will merge the current iLink and Convergence Media programs to offer students a technology magnet program that will remain at the forefront of communication technologies while maintaining a full-time, college-prep program. The focus of the magnet will be on communication and technology with technology-centered core classes.

Expansion of the LAW Program to Muller Road Middle School:The Leadership Academy at Muller is an academic program with a strong integration and emphasis on developing and cultivating leaders. It couples the Core Knowledge curriculum with an emphasis on leadership skills. This program is an expansion of the LAW program on the EL Wright campus to better serve students and families living in the northern area of the district. The Leadership Academy at Muller will also provide the continuation of Core Knowledge instruction for students attending the Center for Knowledge north campus.

Informational sessions on all Magnet Programs will be held throughout January. A schedule of the meetings, information about each school and Magnet Program and a link to district’s YouTube page where visitors can watch commercials about each Magnet are available at

Expanded Choice

The district’s Choice Program also includes Expanded Choice. Students are traditionally assigned to schools based on their residential address. Expanded Choice offers parents and students living in Richland 2 the opportunity to apply to attend a school other than their residentially assigned school. Choice is only available to Richland 2 residents.

Each school open for Expanded Choice is allowed 20 transfer slots through the process. The 20 slots may increase based on the number of students leaving that school through the Choice Program. Available slots for Magnet programs vary based on each program. Parents must provide transportation for students who choose programs that are not at their residentially assigned school.

To apply for Choice programs, parents must complete an online application. Applications will be available on the district’s website beginning Jan. 6, and the deadline to apply is Jan. 30. Beginning in March, parents and students will be able to log back into their application account to see whether students have been accepted into the Choice Program.

For additional information on Magnet programs, contact Dawne Whitley at (803) 738-3230 or on Expanded Choice, contact Roger Wiley at (803)

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