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Refrigerator Magnets: Southwest Virginia Reason To Break Coffee Shop

In the small nest green coffee bar and concrete horseshoe, boss Amy Tuggle put sweetgrass basket on the table and began to explain.
"These are not the roasting," she said, shaking a mixture of yellow green peanut in scree. She points to another pile of coffee beans, these Tanner and drying.
She pushes over a third grouping, with dark, shiny pellets. “See the oil?” she asks.

Then, Tuggle lines up three tiny black cups on a porcelain plate, each filled with a coffee — specially harvested, carefully hand-roasted, expertly brewed — corresponding to the beans she has just showed me.

I take three sips and am amazed by how little the samples favor one another. Not just weaker and stronger. Not just lighter and bolder. Each of them distinct and complex and flavorful. Each of them as disparate as a range of reds in wine.

“Tasting the difference is really a big part of understanding,” Tuggle explains.

What she wants us to understand is that Little Green Hive, located inside 16 W. Marketplace on Church Avenue, is not so much in the business of caffeinating Roanokers as it is in expanding the population’s idea of what coffee even is.

Tuggle is not alone in her quest to train palates while she brews java. Since April 2013, when Little Green Hive began offering the pour-over coffee experience, at least five “third-wave” coffee houses have opened in Southwest Virginia: Land of a Thousand Hills in Daleville, South Roanoke’s Sweet Donkey, Christiansburg’s Idego Coffee. This past summer, Froth Cafe changed owners and now Michael Carroll, who once was a taster for Starbucks, enthusiastically promotes microroasters like Red Rooster Coffee Roaster, Lexington Coffee Roasters, Mattie’s Mountain Mud and Raleigh Coffee Company at his Roanoke County

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