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Public Schools Provide Travel, Ready To Kindergarten Registration, Application Of Permanen

The next school year did not start for several months, but if you have a rising preschool teachers, middle or high school students or what you want to change the current public school students, now is the time to make your decision.

All of the various public schools in the region present a sometimes dizzying host of options for parents - year-round, modified or traditional calendars, magnet or base. And then there are the various charter schools and private schools to consider that operate on their own. It's an exciting time as I prepare to register my younger daughter for kindergarten. (Cue the tears!).

Right now, many schools are offering tours for parents and families. Registration dates and application deadlines also are fast approaching for some systems for kindergarten and magnet schools.

A word on kindergarten registration: Children must be 5 years by Aug. 31, 2015 to register for kindergarten. Parents also can attempt the early admission process if you think your four-year-old is ready. You don't have to register your child as soon as registration opens, but it's in your best interest to do so. Schools and PTAs often hold special events for rising kindergartners and their families. The sooner you register your child, the sooner you'll find out about those.

Wake County: This is a busy time at Wake County schools. All schools - magnet and base - are offering tours this month and in February to prospective families. Those tours include special open houses at magnet elementary schools on Wednesday and others later this month. Even if you're certain that your student will attend his base school, a tour is a great opportunity to begin to meet the staff, understand how the school works and even connect with other parents who will send their kids there.

Registration for rising kindergartners begins Jan. 15. Parents must go to their child's base school to register even if you plan on applying for a magnet school. In fact, if you are planning to apply to a magnet school, you must register your child at your base school before you submit your magnet application. You'll need to bring some information with you in order to register your child. The magnet application process runs Jan. 26 to Feb. 5.

Durham Public Schools: Durham's magnet school application period runs Jan. 12 to Jan. 30. Magnet schools are holding tours now. Traditional schools also are offering tours. Contact your base school for details. Registration for kindergarten in Durham typically doesn't begin until March, but the system will have a kindergarten welcome night later this month. I'll update this post once I get the details for that.

Orange County: Kindergarten registration begins in April, but parents can call for appointments starting as early as Feb. 3, depending on the school.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools: Registration for the upcoming school year will begin Feb. 2 for all grade levels, including kindergarten. Starting on that date, parents can register their child online on the system's website.

Johnston County: The public school system, I'm told, hasn't set the date yet for kindergarten registration, but it has been in February or March in past

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