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Pierce The Arts Magnet School Evacuated Thursday Morning In A Bomb Threat

Pierce: spend two hours of a 13 year old boy accused of - making a bomb threat forced the evacuation of Fort Pearce Magnet School of art on Thursday morning, police spokesman Jason. Braun said.

The boy was charged Thursday afternoon with threatening to bomb, or false reporting a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction, and disturbing the peace, or interfering with school administration functions, Braun said. He was taken to the St. Lucie Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Fort Pierce.

The K-8 school at 1200 Delaware Ave. was evacuated after a bomb threat about 10 a.m., Braun said. Sheriff’s bomb squad and K-9 units searched the school until about noon but found nothing.

An investigation revealed the boy, a student at the school, told a staff member, “These (expletive) people don’t know me. I will blow this (expletive) place up. I am smart enough to do it.” The boy then entered a restroom where he closed the door and yelled, “I will blow up this (expletive) school.”

Detectives interviewed students who said they heard the boy make threats to blow up the school while they were at lunch Wednesday, Braun said. The boy also told those students he had a list of people he wanted to kill. The students hadn’t seen the list but believed the boy had a rifle or a large gun.

No weapons or explosive were found in the boy’s belongings or at his home, there was no indication that he had taken steps to carry out his plan, Braun said. The school suspended the boy pending an expulsion

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