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Philadelphia As A New Health Care Innovation Magnet

The Philadelphia area is a world-class hospitals and doctors is as everyone knows. Now, the area is becoming a nationally recognized magnetic health care innovation.
This change not only need new thinking, but also willing to move quickly and execution of the idea and development of breakthrough innovation new partner with others. Although insurance companies and health system seems to be independent of strange bedfellows, Blue Cross and Penn medicine, long-term take such a thinking, cooperative approach to management innovation, to improve the medical care and health care start-up companies come to my painting.
As the health care industry undergoes dramatic change, we're moving nimbly, acting boldly, and embracing the possibilities of partnership. Together, we are working to unlock the potential of Philadelphia as a magnet for health care innovation, drawing the best minds and the brightest ideas to our region.
After all, Philadelphia is the ideal environment for health care innovation, investment and employment. Our region is home to expert health care entrepreneurs, a thriving biosciences industry, an active investment community, major pharmaceutical companies, world-class research, top notch academic institutions, and nationally ranked medical schools and health systems.
So, together with DreamIt Ventures, we created DreamIt Health, the first health care accelerator in Philadelphia. DreamIt Health is attracting promising health care startups from around the nation and the world to Philadelphia and jump-starting the development of their novel health care solutions.
The emerging companies chosen to participate in DreamIt Health receive stipends and office space, but more importantly, they benefit from mentoring and coaching from health care executives and entrepreneurs as well as access to information and guidance from DreamIt, Independence, and Penn Medicine.
Though still in their infancy, some of the initial startups are already showing promise and making an enormous influence in the industry.
For example, Biomeme, a DreamIt Health startup from the first class, developed a mobile diagnostic platform that works with any smart phone to give lab results identifying pathogens—such as sexually transmitted infections or bioweapons like anthrax—with the accuracy of a large, clinical lab, but delivered in minutes instead of days at one tenth the traditional cost.
This is the second year that Independence and Penn Medicine have support health care startups. On October 30, the companies will showcase their product ideas to potential investors and customers at DreamIt Demo Day.
Philadelphia's new role as a hub for health care innovation will benefit all. Investing our resources now can foster greater returns in the years to come. It's just one example of the groundbreaking results we can get when we bring bright minds, resources, and bold leadership together.
Daniel J. Hilferty is the chief executive officer at Independence Blue Cross and Ralph Muller is the chief executive officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health

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