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Paraguay Became A From Angola And Brazil Graduate Magnetic

Thousands of students in Brazil and Angola to Asuncion to participate in the doctor and other postgraduate courses in college grades private Paraguay even though some colleges academic standards by the Ministry of education officials questioned.

Most graduates from these countries share the same goal: to earn a specialized diploma faster and less expensively than in their own countries, opening the door to advancement in public sector employment.

There is high demand in Brazil for learning, but public universities there do not offer enough slots for graduate and doctoral students, while private colleges have monthly fees of around $750, similar to European institutions.

In Angola, where Portuguese is also the official language, students face a similar situation, and the African country's cultural connections to Brazil draw many students to South America who then choose Paraguay because the cost of living and college fees are lower, Alvaro Garcia, an Angolan enrolled at San Lorenzo University, told Efe.

The flow of students is being boosted by international education agreements that bring roughly 2,000 Brazilian and 500 Angolan students to Paraguay each year, Migration Directorate figures show.

To earn a master's degree in any of the disciplines offered by more than 50 private universities in Paraguay costs an average of $3,900.

Even accounting for travel and housing expenses, Brazilians and Angolans find it cheaper to study in Paraguay, and they have become the biggest group of visitors in Asuncion, benefiting stores and service providers in the city.

The potential of the higher education business has led to the sprouting of universities in Paraguay's capital, although not all of the institutions offering masters and doctoral degrees are accredited by the government, Salvadora Gimenez, director of Universities and Higher Education Institutions, told Efe.

In the first four years after enactment of "very permissive" legislation in 2006, Gimenez said, more than 30 new universities appeared without being required to submit their curricula and abide by the rules in effect under the previous legislation.

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