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Occupation Career Magnet School Safe Driving Get A $25000 Commitment

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The school threw the students a party Thursday morning to celebrate winning $25,000 from State Farm's Celebrate My Drive program. The announcement was a surprise -- although some students said it was out among some circles -- until "State Farmer" the bear mascot was invited into the gym carrying the check.
Celebrate My Drive is a program State Farm Insurance runs to promote safe driving, particularly among teens. Agent Kim Stouffer shared that car accidents are the number one cause of death among teens, and that the advent of technology has made distractions more easy to come across.
The program each year challenges high schools to promote safe driving in their communities for a chance to win up to a $100,000 grant. Despite only deciding to take part in the challenge the day before it started, CMS teacher Josh Bound said students and teachers really jumped on board to make the school successful.
Students and people in the community provided their email addresses to make the safe-driving pledge. Students gathered them and could enter the same address once every day for about a week and a half.
"We couldn't have done it without the community," said junior Maddie McCormick.
Ten percent of the prize must be put toward driver's education, but the bulk of what remains will be spent on a new server that will increase Internet capabilities at CMS, Bound said. This will enable the school to offer more elective courses and let many more students collaborate at one time on projects done online.
Over a week and a half in October, students entered probably 10,000 email addresses each day during and after school, Bound said. For each address, they had to answer two questions about safe driving but credit was not dependent on getting the right answer.
Students soon saw their school rise up the leaderboard. Bound said he thinks CMS ended up 13th in the small school category. "Being able to see our name on the leaderboard really motivated us," McCormick said.
He didn't want the credit, but each student a reporter talked to pointed to Bound for giving the school momentum. He said it was the about 50 core students who pushed the school toward success, with encouragement from teachers who took time from class to enter email addresses. Some students even came to school for seven hours on a Sunday, Bound said.
Bound and several students said they hope to keep the momentum going to win the big prize next year.
"And we will win $100,000 next year, that's just the way it's gonna be," Bound said.
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