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Nineboys Provides New Profit Rate In The Range

The growth of the British guitar brand nineboys to increase profits in its entire range, including its music brother and wedge wire.
The company's range of music brothers, modeled on the early American parlor guitar currently provide markers of 60 percentage points on the suggested retail price of 399 profile.

Working with a specialist wood manufacturing company in Suffolk, the guitars are made from Superior Grade Birch Ply. The top and back have the bracing integrated into the design for additional strength. A specialist bracing pattern has also been designed to maximise volume whilst maintaining strength. The top is thinned down to under 2mm to replicate the thickness on original blues guitars from the early 1900s to 1930s.

Each model also comes with a quirky wooden case (pictured).

The firm is also offering a 50 per cent mark-up on its Wedge didley bow instrument, which is made from completely recycled materials. There are two versions  - the original Delta Wedge Diddley Bow at £95 and the three string Lap Steel Wedge at £120. Both are made from recycled items, including an old roofing truss but include a Alnico V Humbucker pick-up.

Similar margins can be found on the firm's range of Indonesian built imported guitars (except electro-acoustic models).

"As well as offering products that offer a point of difference to dealers we also want to give them sensible margins that enable them to get behind our UK-made instruments," said Nineboys MD, Mark Ellis. "We are living proof that you can manufacture in the UK and come up with products that are imaginative and offer great value for dealers and customers alike."

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