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Mason City Is The Home Of A Road Vehicle Magnets

Mason, | Bob to have good noise in his Mason home Wednesday evening in his yard, a car crash.

It wouldn't be the first time a vehicle crashed into 416 12th St. N.W.

"The last one parked all the way in the living room," McClanahan said Wednesday, shortly after a van hit his porch.

Police found the van early Thursday but were still searching for the driver, who witnesses say flew through the stop sign at North Monroe Avenue and 12th Street Northwest about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday.

The van jumped the curb, chipped concrete steps leading from the street to McClanahan's yard, took out a big chunk of a massive shrub in the yard and broke all seven wooden spindles on one side of the porch railing.

Abby Mueller, 19, and Alexis Ballantyne, 20, said the van swerved around a car they were riding in on North Monroe Avenue and then skidded across 12th Street Northwest. A long set of black skid marks led from the stop sign to McClanahan's scarred yard across the street.

Mueller, the driver, said she was shaken after such a close call. She and Ballantyne both thought the speeding van narrowly missed hitting their vehicle.

"My car would've flipped," Mueller said. "They were going that fast. You could hear and smell the rubber."

They called 911 when a passenger jumped out of the damaged van and ran toward Monroe Park.  The driver quickly dislodged the van and sped off while McClanahan watched from a few feet away on the porch.

"I was standing right on top of it (the porch), too, trying to figure out what he was doing," McClanahan said, pointing east down 12th Street Northwest. "He just punched it and about hit the telephone pole and took off that way."

Fluids leaked from the van onto the sidewalk, but police say it was still running when an officer spotted it about 12:45 a.m. Thursday. The officer turned his squad car around to follow it, but the driver drove the van into an alley on the 400 block of Second Street Northwest and ran away, said Mason City Police Sgt. Greg Scott.

In 1998, two Mason City residents were charged after an older model Chevrolet van crashed into 416 12th St. N.W.

"We shot out of bed like a couple of rockets," then-resident Dan Easley told the Globe Gazette in 1998. "We came downstairs and there were headlights coming through the front door."

That crash did about $10,000 damage, but no one was seriously hurt.

The home's current resident, McClanahan, said he is not bothered by the home's history of being a landing pad for out-of-control vehicles.

"Usually we hear that noise and run that way," he said with a laugh, pointing to the back of the house. "Not toward the

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