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Madison High School Need To Shift To 1000 Pounds

Rayburg Madison high school Jordan in earning large quantities of gold each day in the equestrian school hope to improve his first guide.

But as of last week, he and "Eddie" still had a long way to go on the showmanship front.

Problem as Rayburg sees it: Eddie's a Simbrah, part Simmental and part Brahman. The Brahman blood gives him hardiness and heat and insect tolerance, but it also makes him a bit temperamental.

And Eddie's about six months old now, which in the typical cattle life span makes him an adolescent. So while his growth is on track -- he's now topping 1,000 pounds -- he's kind of moody these days and has a tendency to jerk Rayburg around.

Read more about how Madison High School Students are gettting ready for the Houston and San Antonio stock shows at

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