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Invoxia Intelligent Refrigerator Magnets Can Let You Call, Playing Music And Graffiti

The refrigerator is a refrigerator magnet great added a bit of character. I like the refrigerator magnet from the places I visited as a reminder of my trip, but intelligent refrigerator magnet new from the French company invoxia to do more than call foreign memories. Invoxia triby 2.9-inch with electronic ink display, built-in speaker.
The Triby can function as a speaker to which you can stream music over Bluetooth, great for blasting out some tunes when you’re in the kitchen. You can use the iOS and Android apps to send doodles to its E Ink display, and should the need arise, those apps can also be used to make calls to Triby.
To inform people about incoming notifications the Triby doesn’t have LED lights, instead a physical plastic notification will pop out from the side of this fridge magnet.
Other features include the ability to stream internet radio and a dedicated private line that brings support for HD voice calls through the app.
The Triby can be charged through a mini-USB cable and Invoxia says it can last a month on a single charge. It will be sold in Europe and the U.S. this summer for $199.
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