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His Proposed New Arabic Magnet School

Houston (Fawkes 26) - this playground, buildings and classrooms, it is no use since May 2004.
But soon, it will become a new group of children school.
Arabia African American students.

Many of which are recent arrivals to our city...

"One of the things that brought us here is that Houston is very diverse. And it's one of the places that i feel comfortable with my kids growing up," says Andy Cox, a parent.

Andy Cox who recently moved from England to Houston, says this area is known for it's diversity, and he's not surprised to see that more Arabs are also arriving and staying in the Bayou City.

So when he heard about the possibility for a new Arabic Language Magnet School. He was all for it.

Cox says, "I am all for it. I am from England, and I for my kids learning something else and being open to new things, so I'm all for it and i don't have a problem with it."

But not every parent seems to be on the same page when it comes to the proposal...

HISD's news blog got some quick responses to the idea.

One stating, "we should not promote a language spoken by individuals from a country that promotes religious wars, Syrian laws, a foreign God, and hate/death for anyone that does not believe as they do, primarily Americans."

Another person wrote, "Arabic is not a common language spoken in America"

"That's not all people is it. I don't believe in that. That's just a little narrow minded," adds Cox.

The reality is that the Arab community is growing tremendously, not just in Houston, but in Texas. The 2010 Census says there is close to 2 million Arab-Americans in the United States.

Houston has very strong ties with the Middle East, because of all the energy companies located here. This is one of the main reasons why there's a high demand for the arabic language to be taught at school.

HISD board members will be the ones making the final decision this week.

If approved, these doors which were once shut because of budget problems, could soon reopen, this time to a new group of students, who now make Houston their

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