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Highly Integrated EOL Programmable Holzer Sensor Support Connected To The Automotive / Ind

Melexis expands the car Holzer effect sensor using a combination of its powerful factory in programming, industrial and other harsh environments, in a very efficient price point, the introduction of new equipment. The mlx90290 is a monolithic integrated magnetic sensor IC, and the amplifier, analog output and internal compensation circuit are integrated into the. It will flux for analog output, to ensure that the key function parameters (sensitivity, such as offset and their temperature drift characteristics) absolute level, which simplifies the integration process, the removal of the end of the line the need for calibration.

This means that design engineers can confidently deliver cutting-edge position sensing solutions without extra end-of-line testing and validation, which can prove laborious and time consuming. They can simply buy off-the-shelf versions of the MLX90290 capable of satisfying their sensor requirements. Standard versions of the MLX90290 when combined with microcontroller units allow fast and accurate rotary, linear or motor commutation applications to be realized. It also be applied to sense DC and AC current when combined with a ferrite toroid core.
Offered in variations for use with circuits operating at 3.3VDC and 5VDC bias, the MLX90290 enables position measurements with most common permanent magnets, such as AlNiCo and Ferrite. It is capable of compensating for the inherent thermal behavior of the magnet. The device is offered in off-the-shelf variants for use with 500ppm/°C materials for Alnico/Rare Earth type magnets and 2000ppm/°C materials for low cost Ceramic/Ferrite magnets. In current sensing applications the thermal drift is targeted to 0ppm/°C, so the IC has a thermal behavior as flat as possible while achieving a high bandwidth.
High volume applications may be deemed suitable for a customized version.  Here, filtering, sensitivity and thermal sensitivity drift may be fully optimized to meet a specific high volume application’s performance requirements. The MLX90290 covers a -40°C to +150°C operational temperature range. It is offered in an industry standard 3-pin SIP (UA) package or 3-pin SOT (TSOT23) package. The standard 1.27mm pin-to-pin spacing version is the normal option or alternatively a 2.54mm pin-to-pin spacing, lead-formed version can be specified. The wider pin-to-pin spacing is beneficial for welding or automated soldering in sensor

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