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GM's Future Is Still Uncertain SmCo Past 2014 Despite The New Job

Saginaw General Motors Co. Ltd. is a Saginaw casting metal casting business faces an uncertain future more than 2014, but the animals learned late last week they landed some new work holding device is busy.
1629, energy saving and high efficiency automotive aluminum castings for lightweight ECOTEC 2.4 liter engine foundry in Washington will be GM's production, including Orbaugh Andrea and Chevolet Kopacz sold in South Korea and China, GM announced Friday.

Demand for four-cylinder Ecotec engines used in fuel-efficient Chevrolet vehicles also prompted $65 million in new investment at plants in New York and Tennessee, GM said, creating or retaining 163 jobs.

The Saginaw work, which uses the plant’s lost-foam process, will retain 53 jobs and won’t require any additional investment in the factory, GM said.

Harry Cripps, president of UAW Local 668 representing workers at the plant, said it’s not the big announcement workers have been hoping for, but it’s a start.

“It’s good for the plant; it shows commitment to reducing costs and staying competitive,” said Cripps, a SMCO employee for more than 17 years.

Cripps said it’s not often you hear a local UAW president talking about shipping parts to Asia, but the work will help keep the plant busy between now and 2014, when all current contracts are fulfilled.

About 700 workers do block and head work for the 5.3- and 6.0-liter generation-IV V-8 engine, found in vehicles such as GM’s Suburbans, Silverados and Tahoes.

“The community is counting on us, along with our rank and file,” Cripps said. “That plant has been open almost 100 years, and we’re the only GM plant left in Saginaw.”

The Saginaw City Council in May extended a good-will measure when it OK’d a 50-year tax abatement incentive for the plant. The council approved a 20-year abatement in 2002, the same year SMCO beat competitors to win the $80 million in work to produce aluminum engine blocks for V-8 engines.

“This is very good news for a very talented work force,” said UAW Region 1-D Director Gerald Kariem. “(SMCO) has a work force that understands the competitive climate we are living in, and this new work is a result the work they and the management are doing.”

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