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Expand The Magnet School May Alleviate Overcrowded Classrooms

LaSiWeiJiaSi (ksnv I 3 News) -- one for our campus crowded solutions are more magnet school. These are all attached great importance to science, School of art, or other procedures.

Magnet schools are specialty schools such as Rancho High School with its program on aviation.

The Clark County School District is looking to expand its magnet schools to help ease the pressure on schools that are overcrowded.

"Magnet programs are based on a lottery. Students go apply for a lottery to be accepted into a magnet program. You do have to meet minimum qualifications and they provide a focused curriculum in different areas of specialty. Science, technology, math, the arts, whatever it is that a student is focused on and wants to excel in," said Clark County School District Communications Director Michelle Booth.

Booth says there are seven new magnet schools opening next school year.

"5,000 more students are going to get an opportunity to apply and get accepted into these programs. They have better graduation rates. Students really enjoy these programs. They get to be more creative and get to learn about the career they want in the future," Booth said.

There are currently 18 magnet schools in Las Vegas, and next school year there will be 25.

While some parents are excited about the possibilities, other parents are concerned about the impact these schools will have on their children as campus populations shift.

Glynis Harris has been talking with other parents in the Summerlin community about how they are dealing with school overcrowding. "It's extremely frustrating. I'm happy about the growth in Las Vegas, but something needs to give with the schools, especially up on this west end of town, where we have all the schools in the area are overcrowded," Harris said.

Her sons will be attending Givens Elementary, and it is fairly packed already.

With solutions on the horizon such as rezoning, year round schools, and magnet school expansion, parents in the growing Summerlin area are wondering when they will get some relief, and whether it will really help.

"I'm okay with the magnet option, but if that overflow is coming here, once again it doesn't help our situation," Harris said.

One of seven new magnets schools will be Piggott Elementary. Some children who live closer to Givens have been sent to Piggott, which is farther away from their homes.

"Those students who are currently in Piggots get to stay in Piggott. Once it becomes a magnet, they choose to," Booth said.

Giving families that choice has Givens parents worried about being even more packed.

Harris and other parents in Summerlin are hoping for more new schools in the near future. Harris says something has to happen to pay for new schools to keep up with the growth.

Meanwhile, magnet schools are very competitive. The district says only a third of the applicants are approved.

The deadline to apply is February

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