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Edit: BISD Magnet School Is A Scholar, And Non Competitive

Two position in the magnet program enviable three high schools Beaumont ISD has area. Students and parents and medical magnet program many choices at central high school and media magnetic lake high school curriculum.

It's important to remember that the purpose of the magnet programs is academic, not athletic. Students who go to Central or Ozen to take advantage of the magnet courses should remain in them until graduation or be required to transfer to the school whose territory they belong in. For example, a student who transfers as a junior but leaves the magnet programs should also leave that school for his or her senior year.

As our story on Sunday reported, some people have a different perception about the magnet schools. They suspect that athletes are being recruited for specific sports and using the magnet programs as a cover.

The district also has dual-track attendance zones, which cover West Brook and either Ozen or Central. If a student lives in a dual zone, he or she can attend either of the two high schools. The result of all this is a transition from middle school to high school that's unusual, if not occasionally chaotic.

As Central football coach Toby Foreman put it, "Picking a high school here is almost like picking a college. I've never experienced anything like this as a coach. It makes it extremely difficult to figure out where your kids are coming from."

The interplay among the three high schools clearly requires monitoring. Since the University Scholastic League determines eligibility for athletes, games could be forfeited if a player wasn't properly enrolled at a particular school.

Under the previous BISD administration and board of trustees, an issue like this could have become blurred and violations tacitly accepted. That's one of many things the new administration and board of managers must guard against.

The concept of the magnet programs must be honored in word and deed for the simplest reason of all: Because that's what's

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