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E-mail Fraud Or High Risk Enterprises

Nigeria Prince of e-mail fraud, is so common, may be slow on the Internet, but e-mail fraud still operating costs more than $200000000 fraud.
In a new FBI alert, the agency says “business email compromise" are being sent to executives and have regularly been the trigger for this wave of online scams. The emails offer discounted foreign supply sources and target businesses which might work wirh overseas suppliers.
The text from one such email request is below:
"This is Boyce from Xiamen Kings Magnet Co,.Ltd.We are manufacture of magnets in China since 2010. NdFeB magnet,Alnico magnet and Ferrite magnet are our main production.Europe and USA are our main market. Rimetec Corp and Stage Accompany are our customers. If any pending order or new inquiry,welcome come here.We promise any of you r reply will get our prompt attention."
Businesses large and small are targeted by the scam. There are several versions of the scam, offering goods for sale from textiles to prescription drugs.
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