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Donor Selection In The Roosevelt Magnet

Peoria: your child's teacher may spend more money in their own classrooms than you realize.
Jessica Bell, Roosevelt the first grade teacher, said: "I spent a lot of my child my salary. But this is not to say that I have, because I don't but I think because I want them all is the need of the success of something. And...... Donors are really helped my meaning, I get a $4000 things from the donor selection. And this is just the money, I have no."

Donors Choose is a website that lets teachers submit specific projects for funding through public donations.

Bell has been using it for three years now.  She says, "The school didn't have anything for me, ‘cause I was a brand new class.  So I got everything I needed from Donors Choose."

Everything down to the carpet the kids sit on for reading and activities.

Another first grade teacher, Angie Klimko, says, “Listening center books that they can listen to the story and then be able to read along with it... we are short on those kinds of books."

When teachers submit projects, like the listening center books, donors choose has to approve it.

And when the money is raised, it mails the product right to the classroom.

Bell says, "We get the boxes and I cut them open and we go through everything.  And it's just like a big... it's like Christmas!"

And it's not just learning games and toys.

Another first grade teacher tells us they've gone through about fifty bottles of hand sanitizer already this year.

Klimko explains, "Something as simple as a Kleenex box that... people might not think that is a big deal for us, but it is.  Because we go through about 100 boxes of Kleenex per flu season."

Bell adds, "They just go through things so fast.  Because they're kids, we play with it every day."

Right now, teachers at Roosevelt Magnet are asking for simple things like snacks and paper towels.  And they're always looking for more reading and math tools.

To see local projects or to donate, search the Donors Choose website

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