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Dearborn Magnet High School Won The National Prize

In Dearborn, the height of Dearborn magnet high school recently won the National Award, the trustee learned in Monday school board.

The high school received the Winner’s Circle Award from the Michigan Association of School Administrators, said Principal Winifred Green.

The alternative program is for students who are not succeeding at their traditional high school. It gives students a mix of online and in class learning and requires that they do community service work and earn some college credit, Green said. The school focuses on helping students think about their goals for high school and beyond.

Most recently, the program had a five-year graduation rate of 80 percent, which is “outstanding” for an alternative program, Green said.

This year 33 students attend the Magnet High, housed at the Michael Berry Career Center.

Trustees praised the program, recalling how relatives of students have credited it with for saving their teen.

“It really is remarkable,” said Board President Aimee Schoelles. “Some of these students lives are so challenged,” she added. The program gives them a chance to graduate and go on to lead successful lives.

Green said that many students struggled with school for a long time before they came to the program.

“Our students like being at Magnet,” she said.

Trustee Mary Lane said, “I know we are all really proud of what you do there.”

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