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Connect The Jewelry Starting Magnet Will Try To Raise Money To The West

The magnet's founder and chief executive Alexander list is moved to San Francisco to raise capital that start, this is part of a new class of Boston's TechStars business plan. The company, formerly known as headtalk IO, run Kickstarter activity, aims to raise $60000 production of the first batch of magnetic bracelet. But the start time missed the target, the clock ran out last week in Kickstarter land means no dough.

Magnet co-founder Harish Kamath, a recent grad of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, says he doesn’t plan to make the move to California, so the company may wind up having one founder on each coast.

Magnet is designing jewelry that pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and allows you to communicate with a loved one by touching it. When you touch your bracelet, your partner’s lights up and vibrates gently. As one of my friends said, it’s like the Yo app built into a wearable. The project was one of Kickstarter’s “staff picks” recently, which can often give projects a fund-raising tailwind.

magnetKamath was kind enough to lend me a pair of prototypes to try out. They’re not much to look in their current, 3D-printed instantiation, and both the iPhone and Android apps you use to link the bracelets with your smartphone are still very much in beta. But once my wife and I paired the bracelets to our phones, we were able to say “I’m thinking of you” via Magnet. Unless one of us wandered too far from our phones. Or the device became un-paired — something that seemed to happen regularly on my wife’s end. (Was she trying to tell me something?) In addition to communicating my deep affection, one of the biggest uses I envisioned for Magnet was buzzing my wife’s wrist to remind her to look at her text messages, so she’d see a question about something, or an errand that needed to be run. But only if the bracelet stayed paired, and close enough to her phone.

The bracelets also need to be charged with a mini-USB cable. In a world where text messages and emoji are pretty simple to send, Magnet will have to design a pretty sweet-looking wearable in order to get people to ignore the Bluetooth and charging headaches. And to get there, a partnership with a traditional jewelry company — or at least a fantastic designer — wouldn’t

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