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Buckyballs Magnetic Dangerous For Children

Amarillo, many adult table or more child by the hand to a smaller children's hospital found that TX - a paperweight on.

Buckyballs are tiny magnets meant to be used as paperweights that can be molded into different shapes. However, the shape and shine of the paper weight is attractive to small children who are swallowing them.

Dr. Amanda Griffin with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center says we have seen several cases of this.

"Anytime more than one magnet is ingested they run the risk of it being caught in different parts of the intestine. They then magnetize to each other inside the body which can cause an erosion in the intestinal wall and can cause a lot of serious complications for kids," says Griffin.

Several children have undergone surgery here in Amarillo after swallowing these magnets.

If you suspect your child has swallowed this product contact a doctor

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