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Add Functionality To Cradle With This Magnetic Newtonian Your Fridge

Doo dads and what not to the daily life of the depth and size. In my spare time, those small moments, we are attracted to these projects if painting...... And gravity. We know that the impatient eat hot tofu, baked idea without sacrificing quality time, but we should do, we are waiting for the boiled water or completely to bake a cake? The answer, originally, is a physical.

The ThinkGeek Newton's Cradle Fridge Magnet ($15) is one of those little gadgets that come in handy for no particular reason. There is no ground-breaking science involved, and no apple will be falling on anybody's head ready to transfer a payload of inspiration; instead, this is a kitchen gadget that is designed to occupy the mind -- while occupying prime real estate on the refrigerator door. Move over, children's artwork: science has come to town.

The familiar executive desk toy is reproduced in all its glory, now in a fridge-friendly design. It measures 8 inches tall, 6.25 inches across and about 5 inches deep. Pull back one of the weighted balls, let it go and watch as its potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy and transfers that kinetic energy all the way down the line. You know how it works: the ball on the end receives the energy and returns the favor and so on and so forth until all the kinetic energy is lost to friction -- or somebody opens the fridge

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