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Action: NE Harris Club Is Attacked And Robbed Of The Magnet

Houston (AP) -- the Harris county prosecutor's office has been on the club's Eclipse owners to submit 12 page lawsuit, after hours of Northwest Harris County club. The lawsuit also includes the owner of the shopping center, the club is located in.

Video of a melee after the club closed one day in December went viral, and County Attorney Vince Ryan says that video is just one example of what goes on inside and outside the club that has no place in Harris County.

Ryan says it got law enforcement's attention.

"They've had numerous calls there, and that was probably the most dramatic example visually of what's wrong with this place," Ryan tells Eyewitness News.

And it got the attention of his office. He says Precinct Four constables were called to the club around 50 times last year.
Ryan calls it a nuisance, citing more than 20 documented cases of criminal activity there including drugs, firearms, gambling, prostitution, assault, and murder.

"There are a lot of underage kids that go there, but almost anybody can be in danger because of the types of activity that goes on there," said Ryan. "People have been robbed walking in the door in the parking lot."

Eclipse doesn't have a liquor license or fire permit. To prevent another scene like in the video, Vince Ryan is asking a judge to shut the club down or force them to obey the laws. And he hopes other businesses like it take note.

"The more people understand they have to obey the law when they operate businesses, whether it's this kind of business that tries to operate as a bar but doesn't have a liquor license, doesn't have the kind of safety they need to have for fires, they need to shut down."

This isn't the owners' first time in hot water with the county. They owned another club not far from this location, and it was shut down in 2013.

We asked Vince Ryan what's to stop them from opening up again if they're shut down this time.

He says there's no way to bar them from ever having a business again. However, he says, they can make sure they obey the law at the current location. Law enforcement is also monitoring them

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