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Academic Magnet Scan 2A Off-road

Columbia college magnet in Kamo say that boys and girls team titles in the South Carolina high school league 2A national cross-country meet on Saturday at a research center in the dunes.
The boys get a 36-101 decision, but the girl won the 74-101 margin.

Academic Magnet’s Hayden DiBona grabbed the boys individual medalist title with a time of 16:08. Waccamaw’s Amelia Jones was girls medalist with a time of 18:53.

Landrum placed two boys and two girls on the all-state team. Caleb Bouwcamp finished sixth with a time of 16:50, while Ben Boatwright was 11th crossing the finish line at 17:05.

The Cardinals placed third in the boys team standings with 108 points. Woodruff was fourth with 121 points. Chesnee finished 19th with 552 points.

“It’s better than what we’ve had in the past,” Bouwkamp said. “We all worked together and got where we are. It’s pretty awesome to be all-state.”

Boatwright said he’s equally happy with an all-state finish.

“I was nervous coming into it,” he said. “My coach (Jeremy Darby) told me I was 17th with about 400 to go, so I had to really kick it into gear. I’m glad I got it. We were really looking for second as a team, but there’s nothing like running with a great team. We’ll take it.”

Landrum’s girls were fifth with 156 points. Woodruff was 12th with 317 points.

“It’s pretty exciting to get all-state,” Valentine said. “I was hoping for it and nervous.”

Furman said being all-state and fifth as a team is a good way to end the year.

“It feels really good, but it was tough and competitive all day,” she said. “We were hoping for better, but it’s pretty good considering we have two of our top seven returning.”

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