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Note the use of magnetic materials

Note the use of magnetic materials 

In order not to cause physical injury and poor performance magnets, please observe the following precautions: 

A magnet in the course should ensure that the workplace clean, otherwise easily absorbed iron and other magnetic effects of the use of small particles. 

2, when the magnetization of the magnet, the magnet must be fixed, and the charging field must be greater than the coercive force of the magnetic material is 2.5 times to charge saturation: magnetizing the magnets do not touch the ferromagnetic material, or likely to demagnetization of use. 

3, the magnet material more brittle, transportation, plating (coating), the installation process should ensure that the magnets are not violent impact, if improper, it may cause damage to the magnets, crack. 

4, Alnico maximum use of 500 ℃, NdFeB maximum use temperature 200 ℃, bonded magnets 160 ℃. 

5, the magnet in storage to keep indoor air dry, or wet environment tends to rust magnet.

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